Body Rejuvénation

Body Rejuvénation

Accomplish your healthiest, most beautiful ‘You’. Begin with an in-depth medical assessment that leads to a comprehensive plan built to achieve sustainable weight loss based on science, lifestyle, accountability and personal effort. Results are proportionate to your level of commitment and consistency.
Target hard-to-lose fat with the technology of cryotherapy. CoolSculpting freezes underlying fat cells so the body can break down and eliminate injured cells in a natural healing process that results in a lasting reduction of volume. Appropriate for belly, back rolls, hips, thighs, under the arms and under the chin, this service requires a consultation to build a customized and specific treatment plan. For best success, body contouring is typically purchased as a series of visits, partnered with other procedures and requires an overall shift to increased exercise and conscious dietary and lifestyle practices.
Address and minimize fat with injections of a pharmaceutical grade ingredient panel. Common areas for this treatment are under the chin, arms, back rolls and belly. For best success, body contouring is typically comprised of a series of visits, partnered with other procedures and requires an overall shift to increased exercise and thoughtful dietary and lifestyle practices.
Medical Weight Loss
Find the many benefits of a weight loss plan created specifically for you. Dr. Reed carefully evaluates your personal history, goals and test results to identify circumstances that may affect energy, mood, hair loss or weight gain. Problematic factors can range from enzyme deficiencies, metabolic disorders, hormone imbalances, allergies, insulin challenges, dietary disorders, endocrine abnormalities or any number of other indicators.
PDO Threads
Contour your body with absorbable threads that we place beneath the skin for the purpose of either collagen-building (smooth threads) or reshaping the skin by physically pulling it taut (barbed threads). This procedure can stand alone or be partnered with other methods and concepts.

Hair Rejuvénation

Encourage hair regrowth with naturally occurring Platelet Rich Plasma. The impressive results come without the side effects often seen with hair growth medications and is often supported by a natural oral supplement. This is a process that requires a consultation and a series of visits.

Laser Rejuvénation

Rejuvené proudly offers the full array of the Viora Laser System.

V-FR for resurfacing and scar reduction.

V-ST uses radio frequency for skin tightening and wrinkle reduction.

V-IPL uses innovative light technology for hair removal, skin rejuvenation, acne clearance, as well as, removal of pigmentation & vascular lesions.  

V-Form uses multi-CORE technology for body contouring and cellulite reduction.  

V-ND:YAG uses laser technology for pigmentation and vascular lesions, nail fungi, rejuvenation, acne clearance, spider vein eradication, and focal hair removal.

Hair Removal

Remove unwanted hair with a series of comfortable laser treatments. Our Viora laser is safe and effective for all skin types and tones.